KaiKul#5 Pocket Book: “To New Member, To Enhance Infrastructure and To Find New Target Audience”

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With my respect, this is my written startup journey aiming to document, reflect and share how we are building a startup, KaiKul, since day one, https://kaikul.com/. Hope this might helpful to you and can be your shortcut to your journey. Welcome to the KaiKul fifth month.


This journey will be written into 3 sections:
- Journey
- Hindsight (challenges & happy moments)
- Next actionable items


To Welcome New Member


From the pocketbook#4, finally we got a new team member, Paweł. He has the amazing capability in coding, the infrastructure and some business knowledge. We found him on a Reddit post. Good to know that Reddit’s still working these day. And today we also found another kind person who’s happy to help KaiKul in the technical part from Linkedin!

To Enhance KaiKul’s Infrastructure

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Now we moved the previous KaiKul to the new one with the better infrastructure wtih adding Posthog (data visualization for better analyzing marketing reach out) and Prisma (ORM for helping developers read and write data to the database) aiming to be able for better scaling and usage. Credits and thank you to Paweł for enhancing these to KaiKul 😊 as well as credits and thank you to Kaili to enhance design of KaiKul 😊.

To Reach The New Target Audience

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KaiKul moved its target audience from the personal development group into more niche groups which are content writers and junior software developers because most of them are digital natives, eager to learn new things and understand startups vibes. We hope that they can give us for feedbacks to improve KaiKul further.

HINDSIGHT (Challenge & Happy Moments)

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  • Communication: as we have the new team member, we took more time to conclude each decision and sometimes we didn’t align on our targeted path. Just need to communicate more clearly. What’s our expectation and what’s your expectation so that we know where are we going for each step and make it faster.
  • Product-Market-Fit: sometimes it’s frustrating that we haven’t found the fit yet as it passed over 4 months. Just need to cheer up with each other, find new methods and hope that we would find ones and believe in what we are doing.

Happy Moments

  • Data Visualization: as we have a dashboard to picture us about conversion rate, retention rate and click-through rate, now we can understand which messages, storytelling and target groups work best.
  • Appreciated Strangers: when we reached out to the new users, some people were willing to help, gave it a hand and wished us for the best. Those are small but really the huge support. More importantly, the existing users since beginning of KaiKul are super lovely, eager to request new feedbacks and willing to enhance KaiKul. I really really appreciated :).


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  • Communicate clearly and align on our weekly target.
  • Prioritize on important goals and features.
  • Tune up working as a team

That’s our fifth-month startup journey. What do you think about this journey? just comment here or email to setthawut@kaikul.com☺.️

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