KaiKul#6 Pocket Book: “To Fine Tune, To Set An Weekly Target And To Join A Early-Stage Community”

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Welcome to the KaiKul sixth-month journey, aiming to reflect, diary and share insights what we have gone through that might be beneficial to you.
Let’s gooo.


To recap: what’s KaiKul…? KaiKul aims help people to sustain good habits while discover themselves better by providing a reflective tool of goal setting and aligning it to your daily activities. Wanna try? Click this



To Find Tune: “Out of Blue”

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The decision that I haven’t ever made before. One day we shared one honest feedback that’s quite out of blue. One side said, based on our current data, we should change our product idea, and with our team member, we can build much more.

Another side said we should continue do the same but enhance it with trying new features. That’s how things start to shake. With emotional environment, we decided to take a break for two days and get back to discuss later.

The day has come. We share our thoughts a little bit more. One side belives in the revenue-generated startup, and another for passion. Here come to the sad part. As our conversation seems to go on and on. Finally, we decided to keep doing what we’re passionate, and another need to be depart :(. It’s good that we come into this conclusion early before more far far away, and both sides can do what they want to do.


To Set An Weekly Target: “Main Focus”

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In the past month, we haven’t had a weekly target. Just did it with the flow. This time we set a weekly target for each department. Sounds many people, right…? haha Actually we have only 2 departments (product and marketing) and one for each department hahaha. Gladly, we found two contributors. Excited to see how we progress more.


To Join A Early-Stage Community: “Need Help!”

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This month we have sent our application to several incubators. At first I think we won’t get any accept, but Blackbird. It’s a more kind of 2 months early stage founders community (idea & build) that they provide workshops for each week and free experienced wisdom from mentors in many aspect such as funding, marketing and developing. As this first week, they brought us a previous batch Blackbirder to share insights how to build their products into this success. What I got is these 3:

  1. It’s ok to use a low-code tool for app development.
  2. Charge users as soon as possible.
  3. Find the right target market.




  • Finding the Product-Market Fit: still finding the right target audience. We have tried personal development, software engineers and content writers, but seem not many results yet as we just have active users around 10. Need more iteration and change the reaching-out approach from one to one to one to many.
  • the second is to read the first.
  • the third is to read the second. o_O

Happy Moments

  • Got Accepted By Blackbird: excited to join this program. Now have registered 4 mentor sessions. Aiming to have better understanding of target audience identification, communication strategies and their profound experiences.
  • Faster Iteration: we move faster than before. Within just one-two weeks, we launched the reward system and reflective questions. Happy.



  • Participate Blackbird
  • Process Management: Just need to optimize our process in order to iterative more so we can provide more values to our people!
  • Marketing: find one to many marketing strategies more.


That’s our sixth-month startup journey. What do you think about this journey? feel free to comment or just email to setthawut@kaikul.com☺.️

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