KaiKul#7 Pocket Book 📕: Ask Experienced, Talk with Users and Ask Ourselves.

Setthawut Kulsrisuwan
2 min readOct 18, 2023

Welcome to KaiKul Number 7 Journey ⛰️

My intention is to document as my diary, to reflect on myself, and to share my insights. Hopefully, these can be your shortcut. I can’t guarantee they will be 100% helpful for you, but feel free to adjust them to suit your situation. 🥳

To recap: what’s KaiKul…? KaiKul aims help who want to change their life to discover their purposes and align activities toward your goals while balancing your self-care and self-improvement. Get started for free 😇✅


1) If Get Stuck, Seek Out Experienced. 🎓

Sometimes things don’t goes as planned, and it’s normal to get stuck. In our 7th month, for me, I’m in the loop. So we booked experienced-mentor session from Blackbird to define our position, process and product. If you’re in this same situation, I recommend not to decorate your story. Just be honest and say what situation you are facing. Then, they would be able to advice you correctly. More importantly, it might lead you to the wrong way if you ask whom haven’t been there before. So, it’s always better to ask experienced ✅.

2) How To Find The Right Products? Current users. 🙌

After getting advices from the mentor, we asked current users to join one focus group to understand their need so we can provide more values to them. After interviewed, found lots of good insights. Even though we have done this before, I think it’s worth to do this frequently like every month or quarter 🔁🥳.

3) Are You Using Your Own Product? 👀

It’s funny that when we asked each other, have we used our product. The answer is no 😳. Even we don’t do your product, why we expect others to use yours 😂. Not only do we ask current users, we take turn to ask ourselves too. One is an questioner and another as a user. It’s really helpful though. As they said “people often forget the things closest to us”. 😇

Just need to keep iterating to find the problem-solution fit. By the way, there’s KaiKul community where people share their commitment, struggle and advice to each other so we can be better together. Please support and join us. KaiKul, “Kind to Your Heart & Cool With Your Mind”


Where’s 6th KaiKul pocket book?

Here’s. It’s mainly about “To Fine Tune, To Set An Weekly Target And To Join A Early-Stage Community”.



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