KaiKul#2: “A Comprehensive Guide to Build Trust, Manage Tasks, and Generate Startup Ideas"

Setthawut Kulsrisuwan
4 min readMay 16, 2023

With respect, my intention is to document, reflect and share how we are progressing our startup, KaiKul. Hope this can be useful and serve as a shortcut for your journey. Welcome to the KaiKul second month.

2nd month kaikul journey

This journey will be divided into:

- Background
- Journey
- Hindsight (Challenges and Small Wins)
- Next Steps

Let’s begin..


From the first-month journey, we decided to validate our idea based on the problem statement, “people are frustrated while making progress” and create our first MVP. More details here.

the 1st month KaiKul journey


Building Trust

It’s not easy to work with one who is never met in person and our time’s different so, to work smoothly, we decided to work on ‘The Team Cavas’.

We took time for self-reflection on what’s our each own purpose and values, needs, rules and communication styles. Then we e-met and shared our own thought. For example, we agreed that we’ll response to each other’s chat within a day.

Personally, I found that this activity really helpful to build trust and understand my co-founder, Kaili.


Brainstorming All Significant Business Elements

Lots of fields to think for businesses such as value proposition, customer, and finance. To see the big picture and details in each topic that are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive, ‘Business Model Canvas’ is the way to go and we dug deeper on value proposition by ‘The Value Proposition Canvas’.

kaikul business model canvas and the value proposition canvas

Managing Tasks

To get updates, understand current process and seek help if needed, we have a daily standup for 30–60 minutes per day. At first we did it on evening, but it’s better to have time to work after meeting so we moved to meet on morning (TH) and lunchtime (AUS) instead. Thank you so much for your dedication as you spared some of your lunch time for our updating, Kaili 😊.

kaikul google calendar

Also, we created a board to manage our tasks with due date because this simple method helps us prioritized our work and reduced my overwhelming feeling when lots of tasks coming to me at once. Just grab a task at the time.

kaikul task management

Testing Our Hypothesis (Validating Our Idea)

We’re validating our MVP with the A/B testing method:

  • Whatsapp
    Grouped around 10 people together. Then, let each other introducing about themselves, shared self-improvement contents, provided KaiKul unique goal-setting and self-reflection frameworks.
a/b testing kaikul
  • Zoom
    Grouped 2–3 people together to have real-time conversions. Next, we shared our journey together such as our achievement, challenges and action plans for our goals.

How did we get the first approximately 20 beta users?
We asked people who were interviewed in the previous month. Thank you so much for joining and participating in our group. You guys are really the important part of our startup. We are really appreciated :).



  • We haven’t finished our first MVP yet as our product is still on the A/B testing. Will keep our momentum of collecting users’ response and make it better and better.
  • Sometimes what you think is not the same as what they are, so need to get feedbacks and improve frequently. Also, sometimes you would feel disappointed. Just find one positive activity to fulfill your bad day such as calling your friend, eating your favorite dish and going to gym. Just one small positive action and really helpful.

Small Wins/ Achievement

  • In the A/B testing, even though one didn’t work out, but we have the good retention rate of another.
  • We have social media for creating a fan base and community such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin Page.
  • Apart from getting feedbacks from user perspectives, we reached out 3 experienced start-up cofounders to stand on the shoulders of giants.


  • Will reach out more beta users, get more feedbacks and enhance our features to match the users’ needs.
  • Will add word-of-mouth features and think 10X for growth

That’s it, the KaiKul second month journey. Thank you for reading our journey. Hope you find something valuable. If you have any question or feedback? feel free to reach out via my Linkedin or email, setthawut@kaikul.com. Have a blissful day :).

“From Miles Apart to Business Partners: A Guide to Finding Your Co-Founder Across 7,799 km” (1st month):https://setthawut-kul.medium.com/startup-journey-1st-month-fbf6af794a8c

“To Validate Ideas, Find Beta Users and Seek Out Experienced Wisidom.” (3rd month):https://setthawut-kul.medium.com/kaikul-journey-3rd-month-f16fc55db3f3

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