Setthawut 2021 — A Year of Learning

Setthawut Kulsrisuwan
3 min readMay 24, 2022

A recap of a tiny-eyes man looked like in 2021.

My attention is to share stuffs in the past year so that readers might find these helpful and can adapt these to their life. I’m Setthawut (Boom) at the age of 28, a Bangkokian striving in the capital world.

I started the year with investing stocks. In order to invest wisely, I had reading investment books such as The Intelligent Investor and Once Upon Wall Street and watching Youtube such as ลงทุนกล้วยๆ. At the end of the year, my portfolio increased by approximately 20 percent.

Then, start my first Youtube Channel, Tek Builder, teaching how to use Wordpress and Google Sheets in a short and applicable ways, resulting in 30k+ income and felt happy when viewers comment like Thank you.

During the Youtube channel, I also got a job as a freelancer and a project manager to sell websites and Google Sheet systems as clients’ requirement. I found out that creating timelines, weekly updates, work breakdown and relationship management are the core for beautifully finishing a project.

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Then, I tried to volunteer as roles of UXUI and public relation manager at Saturday School. In a phase of UXUI, it went well with Brian who is super diligent and curious for the great UXUI (Now he is now working at the top Thai cryptocurrency exchange company. super glad for him. He deserves it.). With this team, it contributed the great work for the big day.

As a public relation manager, I had 2 lessons of creating timeline and choosing a team member. I selected a member whose skills are not yet that professional in a hope that he or she can improve over time but it may not enough for this project so another graphic designer seemed not to be happy at that moment. However, afterwards I asked her opinions a lot as she seemed gone through this work more than me, and the situation looked a lot better. Hence, I got 2 great lessons, first creating timelines for members in the team so that they know what they need to do and what to do next. Second, selecting the member that has capabilities to do the task otherwise other members may be not okay.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Lastly I felt that creating websites are routine works, which some people may like, but It’s not my way so that I find another opportunity, entering the Super AI Engineer Bootcamp which reshaping my coding skills and welcome me to the world of AI.

2021 Lessons:

  1. Knowledge doesn’t end at the universities. You can learn new knowledge at any age if you would like to.
  2. With your consistency and reflection with enhancement, you can succeed anything in your life.
  3. To be a great manager, in my experience, choose to think the best for all stakeholders.
  4. Lots of opportunities are out there. Try to grab it, or at least create conditions for your opportunities.

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