Setthawut 2022 — A Year of Focus

Setthawut Kulsrisuwan
3 min readJan 8, 2023


Beginning of the year, I was in the Super AI Engineer camp till mid year. At first I were once the head of the Optimizer house; however, I didn’t went well as at that time because

  • I didn’t introduce and share what vision in a first week was going to be
  • I didn’t understand what they can do and what they want to do
  • I didn’t communicate and update often

So I ask P. Nab for advices and he started to be the next leader whose results quite good for our Optimizer.

SUPER AI ENGINEER 2021 and I got the bronze model :)

After the camp, Boom got opportunities to work as a intern in the Feedback180. That’s how I knew what’s the good manager, P Japan.
P Japan always

  • let anyone share their opinions and listen intentionally
  • let anyone share their work, results and next actions in each iterative
  • made me feel like work with older friends. I felt secure working with her
Farewell: write about P Japan but no pic about P Japan haha

While working in this, I have 2 two projects:

This energized me somehow to share our visions, breakdown tasks and solving any updated issue with good friends

Mixing coconut coir with bio glue before converting to Tiktokers haha

We have different work energy momentum with the good visions to have money generator machine while making customers affordable and more confident.

Send to our first customer :)

Finally, in the Q4, I found Nat who has similar visions to me. I would like to create journals for good reflecting and positive thinking by asking the positive questions. She would like to create self care application which is quite straight to our similar points. Also, to solve the Q1 issues, I finished learning Google project management. Now I understand how to create a project charter, breakdown tasks, update timelines and close a project.

After all, this year I focused and not to do lots of projects at once. Also, before going to agree to do any project, think first what accountability is needed.

2022 Lessons:

  1. Focus focus focus
  2. Pain is the good drive.
  3. Communication is a key for working.
  4. When angry or sad, don’t take action. Go sleep and make a decision again.
  5. When you have a good idea that can positively impact for your team, sometimes your team member may be not interested or support. We just need to express that you’re really investing into that idea consistently and take actions to make it happen. Then, people mostly will agree with your idea.

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